Therapeutic Phlebotomy

What is Therapeutic Phlebotomy?

Therapeutic Phlebotomy, also known as Bloodletting, which is the removal of a large amount of blood.
Typically, 450-500MLs via venipuncture/blood draw to assist in relieving of symptoms flaring up, due to a patient’s illness or disease. Therapeutic Phlebotomy reduces blood volume.

Who Performs Therapeutic Phlebotomy?

A Phlebotomist, skilled to remove blood via venipuncture or finger-stick, in an outpatient clinic, hospital or mobile (home) setting.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy is a Procedure for Which Patient?

Patients Diagnosed with, Polycythemia Vera, Polycythemia Secondary, Hemochromatosis or Congenital Heart Disease.

What is the process to having Therapeutic Phlebotomy?

A prescription is written from your ordering Provider.

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